Voice Services

  • Enterprise class Voice over IP (VoIP)

  • Endless functionality, amazing quality & great cost savings

  • Cloud PBX & SIP Trunks

  • Rock solid reliability & unlimited customisations

  • Freecall & DDI Number registration

  • IP handsets, headsets, soft phones, SIP on smart phones or ATA’s

  • Virtual FAX & PSTN

Voice over IP (VoIP)

Our VoIP service delivers enterprise class functionality, amazing quality and great cost savings

Take your business to the next level of communications with multi-party video conferencing and collaboration … the system is highly customisable and super flexible so we can tailor a telecommunications solution to your requirements

We provide unlimited customisations and we do not charge for setup or ongoing configuration changes

Go2Host Cloud PBX’s are powered by Asterisk, the world’s leading open source communications platform. There are numerous software packages written for Asterisk that integrate into your line of business applications … this ensures our VoIP solution is best of breed as a business communications service

Customers have the choice of using IP handsets, headsets, soft phone clients, SIP clients on smart phones or analogue handsets with ATA converters to connect to our PBX’s … all you need in an end point handset device. All functionality is driven by the PBX systems so regardless of the device you use you’re not missing out on any advanced features

Regardless if you’re a remote worker, a sales rep on the road or a permanent office worker … all SIP extensions are integrated into your own PBX and VoIP solution. Naturally we provide the ongoing management, security and first class support so you’re not left to fend for yourself

We supply your IP phones, register your phone numbers, manage your deployment, configure all the security hardening and provide training to get you up and running

Call us for a free VoIP trial & experience how good telephony can be

Standard VoIP Features

  • Auto-attendant

  • Ring groups

  • Call recording

  • Conference calling

  • Call forward

  • Call transfer

  • Pickup group

  • IVR’s (Interactive Voice Response)

  • Voicemail to email

  • Music on hold

  • Wake up call

  • Find Me / Follow Me Calling

  • Speed dials

  • Announcements

  • Do not disturb

  • Call flow control

  • Soft phone support

  • Caller ID blocking

  • Video calling

  • Call Screening

  • White / Black lists

  • Desktop, tablet & mobile devices

  • Unlimited SIP trunk capabilities

  • Unlimited simultaneous calls

  • Unlimited extensions

  • Distinctive ringing

  • PIN authorisation

  • Voicemail

  • Multiple phone device support

  • Short code dialling

  • Text to Speech

  • Direct dial numbers

  • Call on hold & park

  • Call waiting

  • Call return

  • Call queuing

  • Inbound automatic failover routing

  • Remote call back

  • Remote dial tone

SIP Trunks

Go2Host SIP Trunking provides flexible calling plans and delivers significant cost savings

SIP Trunk Features

Low cost inbound & outbound telephony

Compatible with ISDN, PSTN & IP PBX’s

Crystal clear call quality

Retain your existing number ranges

Local, global or freecall numbers available

Itemised call reporting

Call fraud protection & 24/7 security monitoring

Highly scalable & available networks

Cloud PBX   

If your business has a proprietary in-house PBX then you’re likely stuck with expensive licensing, upgrades, hardware parts and regular maintenance … on top of that the system still needs to be managed and backed up

We host the PBX’s on our Cloud so all you need is a handset and an Internet connection … none of the above expense and headaches of maintaining your own system

Our Cloud PBX’s achieve significant cost savings, unparalleled functionality and crystal clear HD voice quality. They deliver rock solid reliability, endless call flow automation and integrated mobility for VoIP communications away from the office

Go2Host Cloud PBX = fixed low cost pricing model, no vendor lock-in, no licensing, no ongoing maintenance, no upgrades, no management, no legacy parts, no backups

Freecall & DDI Numbers

Any current phone numbers you have can be registered with us so we’ve got full manageability of your VoIP system

Analogue PSTN or existing VoIP numbers can be ported across seamlessly and you still retain full ownership. Much like a domain name those numbers remain your intellectual property

Customers can also register new freecall or DDI numbers at any time to integrate with your VoIP solution … DDI numbers can be local to anywhere in New Zealand or international. For global presence we can provide you with a local calling number from your country of choice

Customers still love toll-free calls so having an 0800 or 0508 freecall number can greatly increase your call enquiries. Freecall numbers can also be customised … you choose the number you want (subject to availability)


Absolutely, similar to having a domain name registered with us – you retain ownership of the numbers and can port them elsewhere anytime you wish

No, you can use a smart phone or a PC soft phone client with or without a headset

Nothing, we don’t charge for periodic adds, moves or changes

Yes, we provide an online portal where you can access call logs and recordings

Yes, all calls are itemised on your bill

Service Portfolio       

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